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    Why You Should Do Reformer Pilates

    Reformer pilates help boost your physical fitness level. As a result, they result in flexibility, balance, and strength. They can also help improve your posture and boost mental health. Thus, if you want to improve your fitness and health level, you should embrace pilates classes. The following are some of the top benefits of reformer pilates.

    Full-body Workout

    When you use a reformer to carry out specific movements, you can be assured of a full-body workout. Ideally, it helps strengthen the entire body and not just muscle movers. Whenever there is uneven weakness, you can work to correct the body imbalance.

    Tone Muscles

    Reformer pilates helps you move through the full range as you strengthen the muscles. The reformer creates resistance that allows you to focus on eccentric contractions that create toned muscles. You can use a reformer to target specific muscle groups. Also, you can call to small stabilizing muscles when you work on the reformer machine.

    Low Impact

    classic pilates reformerYou should note that reformer pilates offers a lot of health benefits when they are done under expert guidance. That is the case if you are suffering from an injury. In fact, the ropes and springs allow you to work in a horizontal plane instead of weight-bearing. This helps reduce the load the body has to withstand. Low impact exercises allow for repetitive movements, which help strengthen the injured area.

    Improves Posture

    The different exercises you can do on the reformer target the core and help improve the postural muscles. There is a need to have a stronger core to boost your overall posture.

    Boosts Mental Health

    Reformer pilates helps increase muscle strength, posture, and flexibility. Recent studies have shown that it has an impact on mental health. That is because it requires you to keep a steady breath and find mindfulness. This can help you manage stress. Also, since it is an exercise, it helps increase endorphins and reduces cortisol.

    Improves Stability

    As you know, stability is quite important in avoiding injury and improving your athletic performance. Trunk stability helps keep the spine, pelvis, and shoulders aligned so they create a lot of power to improve endurance and speed. You should note that reformer pilates help in aligning your spine to the correct posture. This helps improve different aspects of stability.

    The truth is that reformer pilates help increases flexibility, stability, and strength. Thus, it is beneficial for golfers and athletes.…