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Identifying the Perfect Strain of Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana, commonly referred to as medical cannabis, is used to relieve or manage pain and other conditions instead of being used for a recreational or spiritual purpose. Any type of cannabis that contains an effective amount of cannabinoids can be considered therapeutic cannabis if used for this purpose. They are readily available for sale in most countries where they have been legalized.

You can find it online and in mainstream pharmacies. The expert staff at this online dispensary will recommend the best strains for your medical marijuana perscription. Choosing to use medical cannabis can be an easy decision to make, but it can be more complicated to choose the ideal strain.

Many patients had never cultivated or even tried cannabis before they discovered it as a therapeutic agent. Even for those who are familiar with cannabis, it is not that simple. Any type of cannabis can be medicinal or recreational, but determining which strains meet different therapeutic needs goes beyond knowing which ones work for recreational purposes and which ones for social ones.

Symptoms that Can Be Managed By Medical Cannabis

Some of the symptoms that can be managed by medical cannabis include:

  • Reduced appetite, nausea, weight loss, and weakness that is as a result of cancer.
  • Glaucoma that is resistant to therapy.
  • Nausea and vomiting experienced after taking drugs, radiation, or chemotherapy for cancer patients.
  • Chronic pain linked to the nervous system or nerve damage.
  • Spasms and muscle cramps caused by spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis.

Which Is Better for Therapeutic Use, Indica or Sativa?

When choosing a cannabis strain for therapeutic use, you should understand the differences between Indica and Sativa strains in terms of use. As a practical guide, here are the most common therapeutic uses of Indica and those of Sativa:

Indica-Dominant Cannabis Is Commonly Used Therapeutically For:

  • Reducing muscle tension to bring about a relaxed feeling.
  • Anxiety, insomnia, and other related conditions.
  • Rheumatic stiffness, arthritis, and swelling.
  • Sedation, a feeling of “stone”
  • Tremors and muscle spasms caused by Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.

Sativa-Dominant Cannabis Is Commonly Used Therapeutically For:

  • A cerebral and energetic effect (high) felt in the mind as in the body.
  • Depression
  • Treatment of nausea (for example, caused by chemotherapy or medicines for HIV/AIDS)
  • Chronic pain and any similar symptoms
  • Stimulation of appetite
  • Migraines

To choose the right strain of medical cannabis, you should identify the condition you are suffering from. This will guide you in selecting a strain that will offer quality treatment.

U Care Outplacement Services

man carrying a bag

An outplacement service is a technique that is used to say farewell to an employee smoothly. U Care outplacement is an example of a support service whose primary aim is to help those individuals that are exiting a business; this may be either voluntary or involuntary. The ucare outplacement may concentrate face to face on one individual or to a group format. Some companies that offer this outplacement services normally provide some psychological support to help the affected individual to cope up with the new reality and support them where need be. Listed below are some features of U care Outplacement service.


Dedicated team of HR experts and Consultants

womanThe U care is a company that is well known for its vast number of an experienced and dedicated team of HR specialists and Consultants. U care supports you or your business on anything concerning the planning to execution. This ensures that the redundant employees in your company get taken care of properly and get whatever useful information and insight that they need to have.


In the past, the traditional, well-known outplacement services used to offer most of their services bound by time. Here in U Care, we make sure that the programs that we offer are available to the employee until when he or she finds the next opportunity in life. This is an advantage to the clients that use our services; this is because they get a piece of mind that something positive will come out as a result of using our services.


Transparency is showing in detail what is going on in a particular field. In our case, we offer full transparency to our clients on matters concerning the information of their employees. We provide the full details of employees who are using our services, employees who found a job after using out services and a review of their feedback and if they fill contended with our actions.

Benefits of Our Services

  • air hostessCost – We try our best to make sure that our services are much affordable by the size of your firm. Our costs may range between 30-70 % much lesser than the traditional conventional services that are out there.
  • Support you need- U Care outplacement makes sure that we give you a full commitment on the matter you may want to know and to services we provide. We offer a complete transparency on the work we do.
  • Faster Placement to the Employees- U care has a good and complete comprehensive set of tools that makes individuals who use our services find jobs much quicker in comparison to other companies out there.