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Remember when picking the best protein powder was as easy as choosing between vanillas or chocolate. Not any anymore trust me because here we have all sorts of different labels from creams and cookies to strawberry, slender blend to muscle bulking. Which in many cases confuse anyone looking to introduce him or her to the protein powder?

Well, the whole protein powder package can benefit anyone, not as they put it that a particular group of people; the bodybuilders and athletes can only use them. Now how do you know that this particular powder is the right one for your body? The right time to start using them and what do you expect after taking them. Am here to help so as you can find the right one for you and your body needs.

Amount of Protein Powder You Should Take

Specialist recommends that an average person take o.9 grams of the same per kilogram of your body weight in a day. Therefore, for those who are looking to up the protein intake, it depends on you and your goals. It is recommended that the daily exercises increase their daily intake from 1.1 to 1.4 of protein per person body weight. In addition, for long distance athletes or bodybuilders should increase even beyond 1.5 to two grams.

When Who, and How

protein powderAs I said before protein powder is not just for a specific group of people no, they can benefit everyone. It does not matter if you are a vegetarian or vegan and concerned about the whole protein intake. It is just a way like any other that ensures you get enough protein in our body. The same applies to that team of people who wish to burn extra pounds of calories in their bodies or boost their daily body caloric intake.

People who are very active, like teenagers who are still are growing and those who engage themselves in sports activities and the other group the marathon trainers. It is fit to be taken with anyone who needs an additional protein or even a daily increase of the same due to activity subjected to them may benefit from protein powder.

The Best Time to Take Protein Powder

This depends on the activity you are about to engage yourself in, if you are after increasing protein intake, then it is recommended that you take after 45 minutes before having a workout. For muscle growth, you need to have your powder after any heavyweight you lift so has to replace the one that has been used to generate energy. And for the post-workout team, should take the powder immediately after an exercise and ensure that you eat high carb foods.

How to Take Your Protein Powder

You can have them in your morning breakfast pancakes, energy bites like snacks, mashed potatoes, muffins, smoothies of all types, bars, and cookies. With the smart guide above you can fix your own protein need and if all of the above miss then you can add water and shake for a perfect body fit.

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